Tips in Becoming the Best Girlfriend for Your Guy

Written by Sheila Clark

Everyone wants to be the best girlfriend for sure. Everyone surely aims for their relationship with someone to last. However, being the best girlfriend is easier said than done. You have to really put your heart into this goal so you will be more inspired and motivated. After all, this will take a lot of work from your part. Yes, this is definitely not an easy goal. This is not just about being a good cook or being loyal and so on. You need to really understand how your guy thinks. What his preferences are and what can make him happy. But then again, if he is really into you, that should help a lot as well. 

Learn what will make your boyfriend stick with you:

  1. Trust! Yes, you must trust hin with all your heart and even at times when you are doubtful. This is one of the most significant keystones as once they feel it from their girl, they start to feel at ease knowing they won’t be judged. That’s when they will start to open up to you as well. 
  2. Inspire him. The thing with guys is they loce to be encouraged pr inspired. They have this little boy feeling inside that when motivated lovingly, they can’t help but will feel obliged. The moment your guy will see that you believe in him, he will look at you as a girlfriend he can depend on with all his heart. 
  3. Take into consideration that he also needs some time with other people like jis friends and family. After all, you are still his girlfriend and not his wife. Besides, even if you are married already, cutting him off from his friends is, without a doubt, not a good idea. 
  4. There should never be a time when you flirt with other men. Don’t think that this will make you more desirable to him as that is not the case. In fact, if you start flirting with other men, there is a good chance he will do the same thing and for sure, you won’t like it. 
  5. Make sure to commend him even for small efforts. This will encourage him more to do better. Note that he exerted efforts for you so you will be happy. He certainly deserve a praise. This will make him feel good about you and your relationship. 
  6. There should never be a time when you take him for granted. Men are known for their formidable pride and they will never take it lightly if they are undermined or ignored. For sure your guy will not forget such moment. 
  7. Guys are sweet by nature and they love it when they are remembered at all times. This will boost their egos thus if you want your guy to love you more, send him sweet messages every day. They will surely brighten him up knowing you remember him the moment you open your eyes. 
  8. Be there when he needs a girlfriend. In fact, be alert about this as sometimes, he will not literally ask for your presence but you should be able to tell the way they talk. Your guy will surely look at you as a good girlfriend if you can be there for him at the right moment. 

Being in a smooth-sailing relationship is heavenly. But this will need a lot of work. Being a good girlfriend is one of the most important factors though. If you muster it up, you should be in a commendable relationship with your guy. 

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