Hungary is the land of the horses. The puszta is the designated area for wonderful rides on the back of a horse, or for a cozy carriage ride with the whole family. But you can also visit the traditional horse shows, after which you will enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by a typical Hungarian orchestra.   Because of the vastness and the beautiful surroundings of the great lowlands with its forest areas and nature parks, Hungary is the country par excellence for endless walking and cycling trips.  

MOTORCYCLING: What could be nicer than touring the beautiful nature in the sun with the motor? FISHING: With 3200 km of running water and 1700 km2 of standing water, Hungary is an attractive fishing area. The Hungarian is a real fish lover and therefore you will find large fish ponds in almost every village.

BUDAPEST: The Paris of the east. Budapest is a mix of Vienna, Prague, Berlin and Paris – and remains Budapest. From Bed and Breakfast / holiday home Erdö-inn you can take the train to Budapest, this is a direct connection and the train stops in the heart of Budapest. (train station 8 km from Erdö-inn, travel time to Budapest 1.15, return ticket approx. 12 euros)

EGER: At the foot of the Bukk Mountains lies one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary, surrounded by gently rolling wine hills and streams from the Eger basin. The proud fortress wall of Eger is a national symbol of independence and strength for the Hungarians. The city of Eger is certainly worth a visit.

KECSKEMÉT: From B & B / holiday home Erdö-inn you can drive in 30 minutes to the Jugendstil mecca and center of belief. Catholic, Reformed, Protestant, Orthodox and Jewish meet in Kecskemét, and this manifests itself in many different places of worship. Kecskemét is also the heart and fruit garden of the fertile land between the Danube and the Tisza.

SZEGED: Szeged is located at the confluence of the Tisza and Maros rivers, 15 km from the Serbian border. Szeged is the hidden capital of Hungary. With its medieval center on the Tisza and the Maros, Szeged is also referred to as the sun city. With its many beautiful parks, squares and fountains, this city invites you to enjoy sun, peace and good food and drinks on a terrace.

APAJ POESTA: Halfway between Kecskemét and Budapest lies Hungary’s second largest puszta. The shepherd days are held here at the end of July, where you can enjoy many crafts, including hatmakers, saddlers, potters and furriers. In addition, large international horse events are being held at the Apaj-pesta.

BUGAC POESTA: At 40 km southwest of Kesckemét the landscape changes into an area with oak and alder forests, old juniper bushes, acacias, peat areas and sand dunes. You are then on the Bugac-pesta, and with a carriage you can explore this area in an ideal way. SUNDAY MARKETS: In the surroundings of the Bed and Breakfast / holiday home Erdö-inn you will find large farmers markets. These markets meet the needs of the rural population. Everything is sold here: from pigs, cows, horses and poultry to clothing, pots, pans and fun trinkets. Are you tired of strolling around the market, then you can relax in the many eating tents and enjoy the real Hungarian cuisine.