Responsive Web Design


Accessing your favourite online sites has never been more simple than it is today due to how easy it is to look it up on multiple devices at once. Gone are the days of requiring a desktop or laptop to access the internet, now you could look up your favourite sites on your mobile phone. However, this comes with the problem wherein in this day and age where mobile phones are the norm and the fastest form of how you would access the internet, sites especially, your own would need to be formatted to the screen of a phone. Web Design Malaysia agencies often time will have you create your website to be what would be responsive according to the devices that are accessed. This design is absolutely important and in fact, all of the major companies that require a website as part of their livelihood also have their websites become responsive so as to make their formats more oriented towards mobile devices.

The reason behind the responsive web designs is due to the screen size of devices itself. Laptop screen and desktop screens arguably had the sites adjust based on the resolution of the screens but through devices that are mobile, the dimensions of the screens become important due to how small the screens are. Most mobile phones would arguably be able to display in the same resolution of the screen but would still be in a small screen. Because of ths websites would need to scale their content to make sure that the content would be readable and the buttons that would need to pressed would be easily identifiable to the mobile user.

To conclude, website creators would need to have a responsive websites that is easily accessible to anyone who would want to access it immediately. Most sites have resorted to using apps as it makes it easier to prioritise the app and have mobile traffic be centred there rather than on mobile websites but lone creators who don’t have that luxury would need to have it as part of their design. Thankfully most templates will have that ready as well as with most website building apps having that as part of building it.